Why does my Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner blow dust out ?

The use of filters capable to catch the dust will solve this problem. RODAK offers a wide variety of Dust Bags, for every use the right one. Please ask our Representatives/Service employees.

Which Filters should I use for which application?

We offer foam filters (for wet cleaning with cleaning solution), Cartridge filters for wet cleaning or for dry cleaning, paper bags for Dry cleaning only, SMS bag for dry cleaning in humid conditions, cloth filter for dry cleaning.

Where can I get my RODAK Vacuum Cleaners serviced?

Wherever RODAK has his own service engineers stationed like in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kerala,Kolkatta, Bilaspur, Goa etc., we are able to Service your Vacuum Cleaner usually in between 24 hours at your doorstep. In those parts of India where we have no Representatives stationed add the time of transport to send and receive your machine back.

From where can I get additional Spares and Accessories?

Contact Toll Free no. 1800 2333 111 / 09372 455 344 / 0832 2858 555 or the Representative in your area. All spares and Accessories are ready available and can be delivered in shortest time.