Vishnu Ragahavan  June 23, 2020

Better than original pipe
Better than eureka forbes original pipe…superb quality
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Vishnu Ragahavan

Vacuum food container keeps my lettuce at least 3 times longer fresh. Great, saves me shopping time and money.

Francis / Goes

NIKKY – Review on CleanStation 2

d best vaccum cleaner available in india!
First of all i got this @ 14400 during d amazon festival & comin 2 d performance my house has 2 floors & 4 bedrooms. i was able 2 clean d entire house in around 30 minutes! i was able 2 reach even d roof & fan of d hall & other rooms. d length of d wire is enough 2 cover all areas of d house without any extensions! i also cleaned my cars wid this! its slightly noisy like all vaccum cleaners & clearly is way ahead of anything else available in india! one thing which impressed me bout rodak vaccum cleaners is d simplicity of its technology! its just a high quality stainless steel drum & can b used without d bag as d drum itself can b cleaned! this feature is useful in smaller towns as some spare parts & accesories of rivals like bosch, karcher r not available outside d metro cities.For all slightly old people this vaccum cleaner is actually bigger but lighter than its competitors! d 4 wheels on them make it extremely light & one gentle pull of d pipe & d cleaner follows u like a dog! d bag is again is of good quality & looks durable unlike d other cleaners especially d cheap eureka forbes ones. d blower & sucker r quite powerful & is more than enough 4 house cleaing. unlike many companies which claim wet cleaning rodak actually delivers on what they claim! i had some wet tarpaulins in my terrace & it dried d entire thing in 15 mins. only -ve is that d spare parts r expensive compared 2 other cleaners but d high quality of dis product evens out in d end! d bags & motor covers can b bought online @ amazon! if u hav a big house this is a must buy! most importantly this saves time as i was able 2 clean my entire house in 30 mins incl.roof & fans & 2 floors!
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