Delivery Information

To ensure a great shopping experience on our RODAK website we work hard to ensure smooth and professional transactions with you as a buyer to whom we want to keep up with the expectations and in fact try to go even beyond it.
We provide to you as a buyer accurate details about RODAK items and full transparency in terms and conditions of the sale which as an integrated part includes our shipping and handling terms, in particular:

  • Shipping and handling is free of cost
  • Specifying our handling time and return policy
  • To ensure that the item is delivered to you as the buyer as described in our terms
  • To ensure that stock / inventory status is accurate and up to date
  • To make sure that the item is delivered to you as described in our listing

Shipping and handling cost

No shipping and handling costs are involved in the final billing amount.

Delivery time

Delivery time depends on the geographical location where the goods has to be delivered and varies between 2 to 15 business days, depending if goods has to be delivered in cities with a good transport infrastructure or remote areas that lacks on transport/courier infrastructure. Business days exclude public holidays and Sundays. Ordered and paid goods will be handed over by RODAK to the transporter in between 1 business day. Deliveries can be delayed by factors such as Sundays/ Holidays of Transport companies or for other reasons that are beyond reasonable control of RODAK.

Transport and State Laws

All Products sold on the RODAK Website are governed by different state laws and if Seller is due to implications of different state laws unable to deliver such Products, the Seller will refund or issue credit for the amount received in advance by the Seller.

Why RODAK cannot send goods in my area?

Some remote areas have no service from reliable courier partners and in some states legal restrictions can apply to ship particular products.

Does RODAK supply outside India?

Please contact RODAK through its website contact form or through . We will decide individually based on the location, quantity and so on before we can decide if export of our product to your destination is possible or not. However, without prior approval immediate purchases of RODAK products through international buyers are welcome as long the delivery address is in India and the credit/debit card is accepted for payments in India.

Are there any hidden costs on RODAK website?

There are NO hidden charges.  All prices are inclusive of Sales Tax, Octroi and other taxes that might be applicable and the price shown on the website is the final purchase price.

Delivery charges, if applicable, are not hidden charges and are automatically added on the website to the final price.

Why is Cash on Delivery not offered by RODAK?

RODAK is in the process to build up the infrastructure to make Cash on Delivery available to certain locations and once we have found a reliable and cost effective partner we will offer this service immediately on our website.

What does the tag “Availability: In Stock” mean?

‘In Stock’
It means the item is available and ready to ship and depending on available transport and courier service delivery will be done in between 2 to 15 business days. For areas where no reliable courier service is available ordered goods will be sent by Registered Post through the Indian Postal Service which, depending on the location, may take up to 15 days.

‘Out of Stock’
Means currently, the item is not available for sale and might be on its way from the factory to our store. If an item is out of Stock it might take up to 3 weeks till the same is available again.

How do I return an item ?

Contact RODAK at 1800 2 333 111 and we will explain the process. Depending on your location and circumstances RODAK might arrange the pick-up of the item or we might ask you to return the item through a third-party courier service of which the fees are paid by RODAK.