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Flexible Hose from 1 up to 6 m compatible with many Brands


Vacuum cleaner hoses consist of a handle, flexible hose and connector. In most cases vacuum cleaner flexible hoses are screwed through a LEFT TREADING to those attachments and can be easily unscrewed and thereafter replaced with a new RODAK hose of any size while mounting the old connector and handle to the new flexible hose. This is an economical and environmentally friendly solution which also leaves you the possibility to choose between many different lengths of flexible hoses. In a few cases you need to unlock the handle or connector through a screw driver before you can unscrew the connecting part of the flexible hose (see above pictures). In some other cases the connector or handle is slightly glued on to the hose which would mean you have to cut the damaged hose loose from the connector or handle and remove the glue. In reverse bonding through glue is only needed if the new flexible hose would not fit absolutely tightly, which usually is not the case. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any advice how to fix the flexible hose while mentioning the model on which you would like to mount a new flexible hose. TOLL FREE NO 1800 2 333 111